We had a vision and J.H. Smokers made it into a one of a kind beauty. Nothing like it. His craftsmanship is unreal and him being he owner speaks why. He was easy to work with, great communication. No B.S. He told me exactly how long it would be to make and he got it done. I highly recommend him. If you noticed on the back end. You will see Diosa’s name who passed away last year from cancer. My friend. My wife. Anyone that owns a rig names it after something. It made sense to dedicate and honor her name and show her how much she meant to me. We talked about these things and bbq about going forward with it. She believed in me and always pushed me to my furthest strengths and for me to follow my passion. This one is forher as I will honor her in this way. Her courage, strength and unselfishness will carry on. We all miss you dearly. We can’t wait to pick this thing up tomorrow.